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Are you in control?

The practice puts you in control of your life. It is your life, take control!

It is a right of every individual to be very happy in life. True and lasting happiness is dependent on several things. The Philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin provides an oppoetunity to understand life itself.
Add a new perspective to your life. Perhaps, it can help you re-discover yourself.

Are you in control of your life?

What is the practice of Buddhism?

Buddhism is not about chanting mantras and begging before some deity to bestow benefits upon us. Nor is it about chanting Nam Myo-Ho Renge Kyo and leaving the rest upon someone (something) else to take us out of our problems or bestowing benefits (good fortune) upon us.

Buddhism is a Philosophy, which when practiced correctly through our own life can transform our entire life and guide us towards eternal peace, prosperity and happiness. The practice has the ability to elivate our life and it's condition to that of a living Buddha.

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The teachings of Nichiren Daishoinin when practiced correctly can transform us into a Buddha of the present day of the law, or in other words, a LIVING DAISHONIN.

Every individual has the potential to change the entire universe. Hence, let us all try once again to gain an understanding of the Daishonin's teachings and help change our lives, families, society and the world.

This website covers the different aspects of Nichiren Daishonin's teachings in the form of different sections. As the sections are mostly interconnected, I would request you all to go through them one by one as presented within the navigation system.


Pillars of the Philosophy

The following are the three pillars of the Philosophy


Without faith, there will be no results.
Without results, the practice will weaken.


Without practice, faith cannot sustain.
Without faith, practice cannot yield results.


Without studies, practice will be incorrect.
Incorrect practice can never bring results.